The Parsons’ Head On Down the Highway

Becoming is Superior to Being

Nancy Parsons, out on the road.

Nancy and Dave Parsons possess the kind of spirit most people may dream about, or read about, but few live it.  Now into their 17th day of a road trip through the great American west that will last approximately 42 days, these two artists are gathering some of life’s moments to share through their artistic eyes and skills.

Thanks to Nancy’s sense of duty and obedience to life, we are able to share some of their experiences as they “head on down the highway . . .” painting, writing and photographing the Parson’s America. Each day, Nancy has been posting entries on her blog, “Head on down the highway . . .” I love checking her blog each day!

Carry on, we will meet Nancy and Dave somewhere down the road.


(Paintings by Nancy Parsons)

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